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 The Studio 

PAPERSYNTHESIS is a paper art studio established in 2020 by Singapore-based paper artist, Mabel Low. Specialising in the design and crafting of exquisite florals and foliages from high-quality card-stock papers, the studio caters to esteemed clients such as DBS Bank, Cartier, Audi, The Body Shop,

Christian Louboutin, and Dior.


Graduated in 2015 with a B.A. in Industrial Design (Distinction), Mabel explored and expanded her interest in business and design. Throughout her academic career and working in the design industry, she cultivated and refined her passion for design principles with meticulous craftsmanship.


Mabel started experimenting with making paper plants back in 2018 when she struggled to keep her houseplants alive. Leveraging her expertise in art and product design, Mabel adeptly transforms ordinary sheets of paper into stunning art pieces.


Papers used are carefully selected based on their weight, textures, colours and properties.

All PAPERSYNTHESIS products are designed and handcrafted in Singapore.

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