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Pantone 635: Pansy

Pantone 635: Pansy

Frame Dimension: 15cm (Height), 20.2cm (Length)


A different paper flower on 100 Pantone postcards.

One copy only.


The meaning of the pansy flower is quite cheerful. They are ‘love’ flowers and are a general symbol of love and romance. The word ’pansy’ comes from the French word ‘Pansee’. This means ‘to think of’. The flowering species is known to symbolize free thinking and deep consideration. 


In basic terms, the pansy flower is a great gift for anybody you love. And not only a romantic interest.


Blue pansies are a wonderful color variant of the flowering genus. They are quite striking and stunning to look at. They are known to represent loyalty, honesty, and devotion. And can be given as gifts to friends and colleagues.

  • Care Instruction

    • Keep them indoors (below 35°C)
    • Indirect sunlight preferred
    • No watering or misting
    • Use brush or hair dryer on low/cool setting to dust off
  • Additional Information

    • All products are handcrafted. Each piece might differ a little.
    • Colour variations may be expected due to lighting and screen settings.
    • No exchange or refunds once orders are made.
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