Pink Beauty

Pink Beauty


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Vase Dimension: 21cm (Height), 11cm (Diameter)

Plant Height: Approx. 45cm


Arrangement includes: Queen Protea, Rose, Carnation


Pink Roses signifies Gratitude, Grace, Admiration & Joy.


The Protea flower represents courage, diversity, transformation and daring.


If you, or someone you love, is dealing with an obstacle or a life issue, it would be best to find courage in something. Courageous people make the biggest changes in the world, so why wouldn’t you gift the Protea flower to someone who needs a bit of encouragement? This flower has a strong message when it comes to finding the strength to stand for our dreams and goals despite the obstacles on our road.


Protea flower also means transformation and represents changes in life. If you strive to change something about you or to become a better and different person, you can decorate your living space with the Protea flowers.

  • Care Instruction

    • Keep them indoors (below 35°C)
    • Indirect sunlight preferred
    • No watering or misting
    • Use brush or hair dryer on low/cool setting to dust off
  • Additional Information

    • All products are handcrafted. Each piece might differ a little.
    • Colour variations may be expected due to lighting and screen settings.
    • No exchange or refunds once orders are made.