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Pantone 100: Vanda Orchid

Pantone 100: Vanda Orchid

Frame Dimension: 15cm (Height), 20.2cm (Length)


A different paper flower on 100 Pantone postcards.

One copy only.


The Vanda originates from Asia, in the region between India and southern China. The orchids there attach their aerial roots to tree bark and thereby grow towards the sky along with the trees. With a sip of rain and a soupcon of morning dew they flower and grow.


Vanda symbolises pure friendship. Which makes it the perfect gift for your very, very best friend.


The yellow orchid shouts optimism, and the color is cheerful with a symbolic meaning of friendship. It is a bright yet brilliant bloom to send to a long-distance friend reminding them of your friendship. You can send it to another person starting with a new chapter in their life.

  • Care Instruction

    • Keep them indoors (below 35°C)
    • Indirect sunlight preferred
    • No watering or misting
    • Use brush or hair dryer on low/cool setting to dust off
  • Additional Information

    • All products are handcrafted. Each piece might differ a little.
    • Colour variations may be expected due to lighting and screen settings.
    • No exchange or refunds once orders are made.
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