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Pantone 11-4804: Ranunculus

Pantone 11-4804: Ranunculus

Frame Dimension: 15cm (Height), 20.2cm (Length)


A different paper flower on 100 Pantone postcards.

One copy only.


The name of the ranunculus flower is derived from a combination of two Latin words — "rana" and "unculus" which means "frog" and "little" respectively. It is assumed that the ranunculus got its name due to how it grows in abundance near streams during spring, similar to little frogs. 


Ranunculus symbolises charm, attractiveness and beauty. It is an appropriate choice to send ranunculus flowers to someone you admire!


The white ranunculus flower has been a popular subject in literature and art for centuries. In literature, it is often used as a symbol of innocence, purity, and chastity. The beauty and delicacy of the white petals have been immortalized in many poems and works of literature. In art, white ranunculus flowers are often depicted in still life paintings, symbolizing the transience of life and the beauty of nature.

  • Care Instruction

    • Keep them indoors (below 35°C)
    • Indirect sunlight preferred
    • No watering or misting
    • Use brush or hair dryer on low/cool setting to dust off
  • Additional Information

    • All products are handcrafted. Each piece might differ a little.
    • Colour variations may be expected due to lighting and screen settings.
    • No exchange or refunds once orders are made.
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